Jean Manuel Izaret

Mr. Izaret is a Senior Partner and Managing Director in the San Francisco Office of The Boston Consulting Group. He joined BCG in 1997 and also worked in the Paris and Madrid offices. Mr. Izaret leads BCG’s global Pricing Practice. He believes pricing is one of the most powerful and underused profitability levers for companies. He helps clients across industries develop sustainable competitive advantages through innovative pricing strategies, more rigorous pricing execution and more efficient processes and organizations. Selected pricing project experience Pricing model strategy for wireless service provider, optimization of pricing for tablets and multiple devices Quantification of consumer surplus created by digital media Transformation of pricing practices for global network technology leader Analysis of economic impact of geo-locations services for large global technology player Product line-up pricing optimization in retail channel for Global High Tech leader Product line-up and pricing strategy for Software company in SMB segment Global pricing diagnostic for leading software provider across all products, channels and countries Development of comprehensive pricing strategy for high tech company using game theory and modeling of key competitor’s behavior Mr. Izaret holds a Ph.D in Marketing and a MS in Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris as well as a MS in Economics from the Paris Political Science Institute.
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