Gayle Moran

Gayle Moran is Lecturer in Professional and Engineering Communication at Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL). Most recently, she served as Lecturer in Business Communication at the Jones Graduate School of Business. Gayle has more than 20 years of professional communication expertise in a variety of industries including information technology, telecommunications, educational software, and travel technology, and has worked for major Fortune 500 companies including Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Nortel, Alcatel, and Xerox. She has held prior positions in executive coaching and communication, internal/employee communication, marketing communication, and technical writing. Gayle’s broad background includes developing and implementing communication strategies in global business environments. She holds a Ph.D. in humanities from the University of Texas at Dallas and has taught English full time and as an adjunct professor.

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Oral Communication for Engineering Leaders (Coursera)

Taught by Rice University communication faculty from the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL). This course covers core topics in oral communication: Communication strategy, content, data visualization, and delivery. You’ll learn key principles in: Creating a communication strategy; Developing a clear message and organizing persuasive content; Creating strong visual [...]
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Interpersonal Communication for Engineering Leaders (Coursera)

This course covers communication skills that engineering leaders use every day to motivate, inspire, and support the people in their organizations. Speaking and writing are basic leadership communication skills. (We covered these topics in the Specialization course 1 and 3.) However, leaders also need to be skillful interpersonal [...]
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Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders (Coursera)

Engineering leaders must write extensively for their jobs, and their writing needs to be professional, reader-focused, and error-free. What leaders write in particular can affect productivity and the bottom line, so the written communication that leaders create must be clear and concise. In this course, you’ll learn essential writing [...]
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