Christian Terwiesch

Christian Terwiesch is a Professor of Operations and Information Management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He also is a Senior Fellow at Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics. His research on Operations Management and on R&D and Innovation Management appears in many of the leading academic journals, including Management Science, Operations Research, Marketing Science, and Organization Science. He is also active on various editorial boards for journals including Management Science and Production and Operations Management.

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Health Care Innovation (Coursera)

Jan 17th 2022
Health Care Innovation (Coursera)
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In this course, you’ll learn the foundational economic theories behind health care innovation and how to optimize your own health care practice or organization. Designed to help you gain a practical understanding of the theoretical frameworks of behavioral economics and operations management in the health care setting, this course [...]
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Introduction to Operations Management (Coursera)

Learn to analyze and improve business processes in services or in manufacturing by learning how to increase productivity and deliver higher quality standards. Key concepts include process analysis, bottlenecks, flows rates, and inventory levels, and more.
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Introducción a la Gestión de Operaciones (Coursera)

Aprende a analizar y a mejorar los procesos empresariales en servicios o en la industria. Aprende cómo incrementar la productividad y a ofrecer niveles de calidad mayores. Después de que finalices con éxito este curso, podrás aplicar estas habilidades en un reto empresarial del mundo real como parte de [...]
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运营管理概论 (中文版) (Coursera)

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Introduction to Connected Strategy (edX)

Technology has caused firms to fundamentally change their strategy to connect with their customers in new and different ways. In this course, we explore the impact of connected strategies as well as business opportunities associated with those strategies. In this course, you’ll learn how technology has enabled firms to [...]
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Strategic Management Capstone (edX)

Apply the knowledge you learned from the Introduction to Connected Strategy course in this comprehensive workshop that will help you create new connected strategies for your organization. Welcome to the Strategic Management Capstone Project! This course was designed to bring you the resources and tools you need to envision, [...]
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