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L'analyse marketing (Coursera)

Les organisations, quelle que soit leur taille, sont inondées de données sur les choix des consommateurs. Mais cette abondance d'informations ne se traduit pas toujours en de meilleures décisions. Savoir interpréter les données est le défi à relever, et il est de plus en plus attendu que les professionnels [...]

Campaign Performance Reporting, Visualization, & Improvement (Coursera)

May 13th 2024
Campaign Performance Reporting, Visualization, & Improvement (Coursera)
Course Auditing
The Campaign Performance Reporting, Visualization, and Improvement course explores the critical aspects of measuring, reporting, and enhancing campaign performance to achieve marketing excellence.

Driving Operational Performance (Coursera)

Elevate your operational management skills with our Driving Operational Performance course, building upon the foundations laid in the Introduction to Operations Management. Led by the renowned Dr. Terwiesch, this course provides an in-depth exploration of advanced operational concepts, equipping you with the tools to analyze and optimize complex processes. [...]

Securing Investment Returns in the Long Run (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn about the famous dichotomy between active and passive investing, how to appropriately measure and analyze investment performance and what the future trends in the investment management industry are. You will first learn about absolute and relative performance, risk-adjusted returns and how to decompose [...]

Project Selection with Google Sheets (Coursera)

Project Selection is a critical aspect of Project Management. In an ideal world, organizations can initiate an unlimited number of projects. However, in the real world where organizations have limited resources (time, money, personnel, materials…) only a few projects, in most cases the projects deemed most beneficial are selected [...]

System Design for Supply Chain Management and Logistics (edX)

Learn how leading supply chains are designed, what makes them competitive and how to use the SCOR model for analysis to increase your business’s ROI. Logistics and supply chain structures can be found in virtually any system. In this business and management course you will learn not only what [...]