Brandie Shatto

Dr. Brandie Shatto is an Associate Professor and Program Director for Educational Technology at UMGC. She has more than 14 years of experience as a K-12 educator and administrator.
Dr. Shatto began her career as a middle school English teacher in Big Spring School District, Newville, Pennsylvania, where she also served as a technology integration specialist and technology director. At Big Spring School District (BSSD), she launched several successful educational programs, including a district-wide 1:1 program (one computer, laptop, or tablet per student), a Google Apps for Education program, and several educational software implementations. She has also served as an adjunct instructor for Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA and has experience in the nonprofit and corporate sectors as a curriculum developer and instructional designer.
She holds a master’s degree from Bloomsburg University in instructional technology and an Ed.D. from University of New England in educational leadership. Her research interests include examination of the role of technology in creating personalized learning environments, best practices in online and blended learning, virtual reality in teacher education, and flexible online professional development.
Dr. Shatto is an active member of t the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), where she serves on the leadership team of the Teacher Education Network, as well as an ISTE Certified Educator. She is a lifelong learner who believes that technology can be leveraged to provide authentic, relevant, and customized learning experiences for students.

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