Alfredo Castro

Professor, facilitator, coach, consultant and speaker. Faculty at FIA Business School for more than 2 decades, both Brazilian and European nationalities, had lived in Europe and Americas and delivers classes in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Author of 12 business books and co-author of 3 ATD Management books. International business consultant experience in implementing blended learning programs and human resource projects, in more than 120 companies, and more than 25 countries (Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas). Presented more than 27 sessions at ATD Conferences in different cities of USA.

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Leadership and Disruption (Coursera)

Jan 24th 2022
Leadership and Disruption (Coursera)
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This course is fully focused on developing your new leadership skills. It was developed with the best models and based on best practices in the corporate world. Its content is current and practical, and updated with the latest in remote leadership, especially after the radical and disruptive changes that [...]
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Como engajar equipes e criar cultura em ambientes virtuais (Coursera)

O programa é muito útil tanto para líderes quanto para membros de equipes virtuais. Os conhecimentos obtidos permite que você forme, participe e lidere equipes de maneira mais eficaz, principalmente em situações de mudança e transformação digital. O processo de aprendizagem é dinâmico, interativo e prático. Neste programa [...]
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