Alexander Refsum Jensenius




Alexander Refsum Jensenius (BA, MA, MSc, PhD) is a music researcher and research musician working in the fields of embodied music cognition and new interfaces for musical expression (NIME). He is currently the Head of Department of Musicology at the University of Oslo, where he also holds an associate professorship in music technology. Alexander studied informatics, mathematics, musicology, piano performance and music technology at UiO, Chalmers, UC Berkeley and McGill. An active member of the international music technology community, he organised the NIME 2011 conference and is currently chairing the NIME steering committee. Alexander has participated in a number of research projects, and has published widely on a number of different topics in music cognition and technology. He occasionally still performs on keyboard instruments and live electronics in various constellations, including the Oslo Laptop Orchestra (OLO) and Oslo Mobile Orchestra (OMO).

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