Apr 13th 2016

Sustainability Through Digital Transformation (openSAP)

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In 2014, 14,000 of you signed up to learn about how to implement a sustainable strategy on the openSAP course “Sustainability and Business Innovation”.

The fourth industrial revolution is here. Technology is dramatically changing the way we live and re-shaping the way we do business. Our society, our cities, our industries are undergoing disruptive changes. At the same time, global conditions like scarcity of resources have created a set of conditions for which businesses that want to survive in the future must adapt sustainable strategies.

How does digital transformation go in hand with business and sustainability? In this openSAP course, we will try to answer this question. We will start by introducing SAP’s integrated report for 2015, which will serve as the basis to understand the correlation between business areas and the impact that a sustainable strategy has on them. We will then enhance our analysis by presenting the global trends in sustainability. To better understand them, we will offer you some concrete examples of how such strategies are positively impacting our lives and improving productivity, like smart urbanization.