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Multivariable Calculus is an expansion of Single-Variable Calculus in that it extends single variable calculus to higher dimensions. You may find that these courses share many of the same basic concepts, and that Multivariable Calculus will simply extend your knowledge of functions to functions of several variables.

The transition from single variable relationships to many variable relationships is not as simple as it may seem; you will find that multi-variable functions, in some cases, will yield counter-intuitive results.

The structure of this course very much resembles the structure of Single-Variable Calculus I and II. We will begin by taking a fresh look at limits and continuity. With functions of many variables, you can approach a limit from many different directions. We will then move on to derivatives and the process by which we generalize them to higher dimensions. Finally, we will look at multiple integrals, or integration over regions of space as opposed to intervals.

The goal of Multivariable Calculus is to provide you with the tools you need to handle problems with several parameters and functions of several variables and to apply your knowledge of their behavior. But a more important goal is to gain a geometrical understanding of what the tools and computations mean.

Course Requirements: have completed the following courses from “The Core Program” of the mathematics discipline: Single-Variable Calculus I and Single-Variable Calculus II.