Sep 7th 2015

In-Memory Data Management (openHPI)

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The „In-Memory Data Management" course in 2015 is the fourth iteration of Prof. Hasso Plattner's successful introduction into the inner mechanics of this recent technology. The course focuses on the management of enterprise data in column-oriented in-memory databases. Latest hardware and software trends led to the development of a new revolutionary database technology that enables flexible and lightning-fast analysis of massive amounts of enterprise data.

The basic concepts and design principles of this technology are explained in detail. Beyond that, the implications of the underlying design principles for future enterprise applications and their development are discussed. The course will explain in detail the differences and advantages of an in-memory column-oriented database in contrast to traditional row-oriented disk-based storages.

- Requirements for Modern Enterprise Computing, Enterprise Application Characteristics

- Hardware Trends, Columnar Storage vs. Row Storage

- Dictionary Encoding, Compression

- Scans, Selects, Deletes, Inserts, Updates

- Indices, Joins

- Applications

Participants of this course will receive access to the extensive reading material accompanying the lectures.