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Introduction To Trusted Computing (OST)

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An introduction to Trusted Computing concepts, and a detailed look at what the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) can (and can't) do.

This course is an introduction to the fundamental technologies behind Trusted Computing. You will learn what Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) are and what capabilities they can provide both at an in-depth technical level and in an enterprise context. You will also learn about how other technologies such as the Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement (DRTM) and virtualization can both take advantage of TPMs and be used to enhance the TPM's capabilities.

We will cover major use cases for trusted computing, including machine authentication, data protection, and attestation. This course will also introduce you to the various software resources that exist today to support TPMs, give a high-level overview of related research and development projects, and briefly discuss other trusted computing standards such as Trusted Network Connect which may be relevant to enterprise deployment of TPMs and trusted computing.


• Introduce students to both basic and advanced TPM capabilities, as well as other trusted computing standards and technologies

• Show how TPMs and related technologies can be used in enterprise environments and for cutting-edge research

• Give students the necessary tools and information to design and build systems that take advantage of trusted computing

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