Implementation of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (openSAP)

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SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is SAP’s cloud-based application for enterprise-wide analytics. The cloud brings a whole new paradigm to an implementation: Users can perform analytics on disparate data sources on-the-fly; users can visualize data in ways one would never imagine; customers can deploy analytical and planning models to users with no footprint; users can consume data on mobile devices and can complete user training in the cloud.

Learn what it takes to implement a cloud solution like Implementation of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. What are the questions we should ask of customers? What are the implementation steps? Where do we find help and support? What are the options to integrate data? What are the best practices?

In this free course, you’ll learn best practice approaches to implementing Implementation of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. SAP will offer advice, illustrations, and demonstrations of how to maximize your investment in Implementation of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.