Sreedhar Muthuramalingam




Sreedhar Muthuramalingam is a product owner in the Scale, Enablement, and Transformation group at SAP Labs. He is currently an owner of SAP Best Practices solutions in the Business Intelligence, Big Data, and SAP S/4HANA Analytics space.

Sreedhar joined SAP in 2012 after working with SAP products for over 20 years, both as a customer and partner. He has many years of experience with analytics and integration topics, and is excited to see analytics heading into the cloud.

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SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is SAP’s cloud-based application for enterprise-wide analytics. The cloud brings a whole new paradigm to an implementation: Users can perform analytics on disparate data sources on-the-fly; users can visualize data in ways one would never imagine; customers can deploy analytical and planning models to users with no footprint; users can consume data on mobile devices and can complete user training in the cloud.

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