Jan 16th 2017

Foundation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China (FutureLearn)

Discover how Chinese culture influences discovery, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship with this free online course. China is a focus of today’s world economy, and its approach to innovation and entrepreneurship has an increasing global influence.

Explore the Chinese approach to innovation and entrepreneurship

This free online course will introduce the processes related to discovery, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship; the influence of Chinese culture on them; and the characteristics and thinking of Chinese innovators and entrepreneurs.

By the end of the course, you will acquire the skills and ability to:

- identify daily problems;

- generate new ideas;

- propose new products or services;

- analyse the feasibility of your ideas from an entrepreneurial perspective;

- and develop a business model and business plan.

Learn with entrepreneurship experts from CityU

This process will be guided by lead educator Dr Hongyi Sun’s PIPE model (Problem, Idea, Product and Enterprise) - a teaching model recognised with a First Award from the China Association of Higher Education under the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The course has been developed by CityU (City University of Hong Kong) - an institution that capitalises on its cross-East-West position and strong connections with the Chinese government, industry and universities, to develop innovation and knowledge transfer.

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