Jan 23rd 2017

Environmental Challenges: Justice in Natural Resource Management (FutureLearn)

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How do we ensure that the difficult decisions about the management of natural resources are just and fair for all? This course explores three basic principles when considering natural resource management: 1. The principles of justice. 2. Transaction costs. 3. The problem of aggregating social preferences, the so-called Arrow impossibility.

When looking at different societies and cultures around the world, it is interesting how ubiquitous the principles of justice are. It is part of our human nature to think about equality, and consider fairness as something that we do naturally.

However, when you start to consider transaction costs and the problems of aggregating social preferences, you soon realise that, in practical terms, equality is hard to achieve. Equality in aggregating social preferences leads to perverse or impossible outcomes. Moreover, if there is equality of decision making for everybody, then the transaction costs are very high.

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