Jun 28th 2016

Cultures and Identities in Europe - Past, Present and Future (iversity)

What cultures and identities make up Europe today? Which elements create this unique blend? How do institutions and policies intervene in this process? Enrol and explore these questions through the past, the present and the future of Europe.

This MOOC questions what European identity is and what we understand and promote as European culture. It explains fundamental European policies on culture, creativity and the media, with a specific focus on urban settings. The course critically explores the formation of diverse identities and cultures in Europe, by shedding light on the importance of memories and shared heritages in this process. Finally, it illustrates the policy dimension behind European cultural and media industries and questions dominant economistic approaches to cultural creativity.

Students who take the course will acquire knowledge on:

• Current debates on what is the 'European identity' and what is 'European culture' and what it means to talk of them in the singular or in the plural (cultures, identities).

• Relevant terms and understand the relationship between notions of identity, memory, heritage, and culture.

• Main approaches to cultural heritage and the public use of history.

• European policies in the media and cultural sector.

• Critical approaches to cultural industries: what are they? And why urban settings are so important for their development?