Sep 4th 2017

Caring for Older People: a Partnership Model (FutureLearn)

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As our lifespans increase, more and more of us are faced with the question: how can we care for older people more effectively? Deakin University has developed a partnership model of care that aims to build stronger and more beneficial relationships between older people and those who care for them. The aim of the partnership model is to ensure that healthcare services are more responsive to the needs and preferences of older people within a variety of care settings.

In this course, we’ll introduce you to the partnership model and provide you with some practical tools and strategies for creating your own care plan.

Discover how a partnership model of care benefits older people

We’ll start by introducing you to the partnership model by examining the purpose, significance of and rationale for more collaborative approaches to caring for older people. We’ll look at how the model works and what its benefits are for older people, their family and healthcare teams.

Create your own partnership-centred care plan

After exploring the principles of the partnership model, our Lead Educators will assist you to develop your own care plan to best meet the needs and preferences of older people.

Learn from the creators of the partnership model

The partnership model developed by Deakin University was established to create a positive environment for older people and offer care that is based on the best available evidence. Deakin University researchers and teaching staff produced this model in collaboration with aged care health professionals operating in real world settings. The model has been implemented in numerous public and private, metropolitan and rural aged care settings.

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