The Beauty and Joy of Computing (COMPSCI) (WMA)

The Beauty and Joy of Computing (COMPSCI) (WMA)
An introduction to the beauty & joy of computing. The history, great principles, social implications, & future of computing. Beautiful applications, have changed the world. How computing empowers discovery & progress in other fields.

Relevance of computing to the student & society will be emphasized. Students learning the joy of programming a computer using a friendly, graphical language, & will complete a substantial team programming project related to their interests. #Abstraction #programming #paradigms #algorithms #concurrency #recursion #artificial #intelligence #AI

Lesson content

Syllabus & Assignments

Lec 1: Abstraction

Lec 2: 3D Graphics

Lec 3: Video Games

Lec 4: Functions

Lec 5: Programming Paradigms

Lec 6: Algorithms part 1

Lec 7: Alogorithms 2

Lec 8: Concurrency

Lec 9: Recursion part 1

Lec 10: Social Implications 1

Lec 11: Recursion part 2

Lec 12: Social Implications 2

Lec 13: Human Computer Interaction

Lec 14: Artificial Intelligence

Lec 15: Game Theory

Lec 16: Lambda - HOFs 1

Lec 19: Distributed Computing

Lec 18: Lambda - HOFs 2

Lec 20: Cloud Computing

Lec 14: How Twitter Works

Lec 15: Saving the World with Comp

Lec 23: Limits of Computing

Lec 24: Future of Computing

Lec 25: Wrap-up