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Basic Mandarin Chinese - Level 2 (edX)

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Learn Mandarin Chinese with practice in extensive vocabulary, phrases and sentence structures used in daily communication in Mandarin Chinese. In the second course of the Mandarin Chinese language series, you will learn extensive vocabulary for describing people and objects, making comparisons, and stating your own perspectives by using complex and varied sentence structures.

Learners will focus on tones and intonation with designed practices and learn to build dialogues for everyday communication. After this Mandarin Chinese language course, you will be able to communicate in Mandarin speaking countries without difficulties.

Supplementary tools or materials are recommended if you would like to learn written language and stroke orders of Chinese characters.

What you'll learn:

- Basic spoken Mandarin phrases and vocabulary for everyday life

- Greater insight into Chinese culture

- The vocabulary differences between China and Taiwan

- Basic Mandarin Chinese grammar and sentence patterns