Estella Y. M. Chen




Estella Chen is a professor at College of Commerce at National Chengchi University. She obtained her Master’s degree from the University of Southern California where her passion for applied linguistics began to take root and received her Mandarin Chinese teaching certification from California Commission on Teaching Credentialing. She founded MandarinX with the dream of making Chinese language and culture more widely accepted and understood around the world.

Aside from teaching, Chen has a strong entrepreneurial spirit that drove her to found MandarinX. Her long-term goal is to see Chinese proficiency standardization and testing on par with that of English with regards to international communication and academia.

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Advance your Mandarin Chinese by tackling different topics in dynamic scenarios with extensive vocabulary and compound sentence structures. In the third course of the Mandarin Chinese language series, you will advance your Mandarin Chinese with extensive vocabulary and complex sentence structures based on dynamic scenarios.

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Aug 22nd 2016

Learn common Mandarin Chinese business phrases and understand Chinese culture so you can communicate professionally in the largest market in the world.

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Take the first step towards learning Mandarin Chinese, the most commonly spoken language in the world. Introductory Mandarin is the first in a series of six courses designed to teach you how to speak Mandarin Chinese. This course will introduce you to the basic language you will need to eat, live, and get around in Mandarin speaking countries.

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Self Paced

Learn Mandarin Chinese with practice in extensive vocabulary, phrases and sentence structures used in daily communication in Mandarin Chinese. In the second course of the Mandarin Chinese language series, you will learn extensive vocabulary for describing people and objects, making comparisons, and stating your own perspectives by using complex and varied sentence structures.

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