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Jun 13th 2017

Think along with Classical Chinese masters as they explore and debate how and where we can find ethical guidance in nature. We make ethical or behaviour guiding right / wrong judgments all the time but have you ever wondered where Ethics comes from, what it is about and why it is important? This course provides an introduction to traditional Chinese ethical thought and focuses on the pervasive contrast in the way Chinese and Westerners think about ethical guidance or guidance concerning what is right and what is wrong, good or bad.

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Discover how writing systems and music played a major role in Chinese history through the study of artifacts and relics. Chinese archaeology is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting fields of study in China. With a wealth of cultural relics unearthed this past century, the world’s fascination with China’s rich history has been renewed.

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Jan 2nd 2017

Learn the fundamentals of Taoism and how to apply it with this free online course. Taoism, although its origins lie in Ancient China, has a far ranging global influence even to this day. Laozi offered inexhaustible truth for everything on earth in just 5,000 words. Taoism also enjoys equal popularity with the bible. On this course we’ll explore exactly how Taoism is being applied in today’s world.

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Sep 15th 2015


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Sep 15th 2014


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