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The Conscious Mind - A Philosophical Road Trip (edX)

Explore the worlds of sense, thought and the mind, as revealed through the philosophical discipline of phenomenology. In ordinary life we barely notice the operations of our own minds. In The Conscious Mind - A Philosophical Road Trip, we will illuminate what we take for granted in perception, action, [...]
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Sustainable Urban Environments (edX)

Learn how integrated systems and individual actions can shape sustainable cities, generating higher quality of life for the future. How can we strengthen sustainability? By empowering individuals and communities to transform and balance dynamic natural resources, economic prosperity, and healthy populations. In this course, you’ll explore productive and disruptive [...]
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Data Visualization for All (edX)

Tell your story with charts and maps on the web, using easy-to-learn free tools: Google Sheets, Tableau, Highcharts, Carto, Leaflet, GitHub. Tell your story and show it with data. In this data visualization course, you will learn how to design interactive charts and customized maps for your [...]
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Effective Teaching Strategies for Biology (edX)

Learn and practice effective teaching strategies for undergraduate biology that engage students and improve learning outcomes. In this education and teacher training course we will explore effective teaching methods for biology. We will emphasize approaches proven to be effective and show you how to implement them. We will also [...]
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