Transforming Urban Mobility Initiative - TUMI

TUMI is the leading global implementation initiative on sustainable mobility formed through the union of 11 prestigious partners. TUMI supports transport projects all around the world and enables policy makers to transform urban mobility. We believe in sustainable mobility for a better future.

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Exploring the World of Electric Buses: Advancing Zero-Emission Public Transport (FutureLearn)

Understand the planning, operation, and maintenance of electric buses to advance a cleaner and greener public transport system. On this six-week course from the Transformative Urban Mobility initiative (TUMI), you’ll learn how e-buses are implemented, operated, financed, and maintained. As you explore the technology, business models, and urban issues [...]

Transformando la Movilidad Urbana: Introducción a la Planeación del Transporte para Ciudades Sostenibles (FutureLearn)

Descubre las diferentes dimensiones de la movilidad urbana sostenible, incluyendo el marco Evitar-Cambiar-Mejorar ECM. Se recomienda traducir completamente esta página usando la función de traducción del navegador antes de continuar. Aprende cómo los proyectos de movilidad urbana pueden ayudar a crear ciudades [...]

Transforming Urban Mobility: Components of Transport Planning for Sustainable Cities (FutureLearn)

Examine how different types of public transport can be employed to make urban transport more sustainable. Discover how urban transport can be made more sustainable. Good transport systems and projects are critical to the development of sustainable cities. On this course, you’ll consider the Avoid-Shift-Improve (ASI) framework – particularly [...]

Exploring the World of Electric Mobility: Key Concepts and Strategies (FutureLearn)

Explore concepts, policies, and innovations in electric mobility to help decarbonise and build more sustainable transport systems. Learn how e-mobility can help create sustainable cities. Electric mobility is crucial for making urban transport greener and more sustainable. But with recommendations and policies on electric vehicles evolving rapidly, it can [...]

An Introduction to Gender and Mobility in Emerging Economies (FutureLearn)

Explore issues of gender and mobility, and learn how gender-sensitive planning could make the transport sector more inclusive. On this four-week course from the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative, you’ll learn why gender matters in transport and mobility. Focusing particularly on emerging economies, you’ll explore what happens when we bring [...]

Transforming Urban Mobility: Introduction to Transport Planning for Sustainable Cities (FutureLearn)

Discover the different dimensions of sustainable urban mobility, including the Avoid-Shift-Improve (ASI) framework. Good transport systems and projects are critical to the development of environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive cities. This course considers the impacts of motorisation, our current unsustainable travel patterns, and the framework for changing to sustainable [...]

Achieving Transitions to Zero Carbon Emissions and Sustainable Urban Mobility (FutureLearn)

Discover how cities can transform their urban mobility systems to become more sustainable and reach zero carbon emissions. Understand the steps to becoming sustainable city. Transport accounts for a large proportion of carbon emissions, so ensuring urban mobility systems are sustainable is key to helping cities to achieve zero-carbon [...]