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Supporting Special Educational Needs in Every Classroom (SchoolEducationGateway)

Inclusion is about belonging: being part of a school, a community. That’s just one of the reasons why true inclusive education can be so powerful. Spurred by human rights declarations, more European students with special educational needs (SEN) are joining mainstream schools. But what can teachers do to best [...]

Moving to Maths 2.0 - Rerun (SchoolEducationGateway)

A key challenge in teaching Maths is not only its fundamental principles, process and applications, but also fostering a sense of curiosity and confidence in transferring the knowledge and skills to new situations. In other words helping pupils to understand the relevance of this competence outside of the Maths [...]

Integrating Newly Arrived Migrant Students in Schools-Rerun (SchoolEducationGateway)

The course will explore the practicalities of integrating newly arrived migrant students in a school community and will look at how teachers can work at a very practical level with such students in their classrooms.

Cultural Diversity in Your Classroom-Rerun (SchoolEducationGateway)

The course offers teachers an opportunity to access useful resources and exchange with peers on the challenging topic of cultural diversity in classrooms. The course is part of a 3-part series of courses exploring the topic of cultural diversity, the situation of newly arrived migrants in general and how [...]