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Citizen Science: Living Soils, Growing Food (FutureLearn)

Learn about approaches to food growing that can help regenerate soil and solve environmental issues. Use regenerative growing practices in your own garden. Soil loss and degradation are serious issues all over the world. We need to find effective regenerative practices to solve many local and global environmental challenges. [...]

Citizen Science: Sensing the World (FutureLearn)

Learn about sensing, including how to use a soil sensor and how to monitor the changing climate, by joining the GROW Observatory. Improve your soil and monitor the changing climate as a citizen scientist. Did you know satellites are constantly monitoring soil moisture, even in your garden? Monitoring the [...]

Citizen Science: From Soil to Sky (FutureLearn)

Learn how to understand your soil and explore global environmental soil issues by becoming a citizen scientist. Where can you find all sorts of useful and important information about your environment? You might be surprised to know it’s beneath your feet, in the soil. On this course you will [...]

Citizen Science: From Data to Action (FutureLearn)

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Citizen Science: From Data to Action (FutureLearn)
Free Course
Join us to discover how citizen-generated data on soils, food and a changing climate can create positive change in the world. How can citizen science create positive change in the world? Join this online course to discover soil and food growing data and results generated by citizen scientists like [...]