Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute is a leading Victorian vocational and higher education provider known for our collaborative and creative approach to education in Australia and overseas. The Institute has a long and diverse history and over the years has been the recipient of many awards and achievements demonstrating Australia-wide recognition for our efforts.
Box Hill Institute offers a wide variety of courses to both local and international students, from apprenticeships to degrees, short courses to diplomas, and in a range of delivery modes including full time, part time and off campus.
Our Teaching Centres enable students to achieve their career goals, we add value to business and deliver innovation and technological change to industry. Our high quality strategic relationships, facilities and programs make us recognised leaders in a number of vocational areas.
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Introduction to Horses (BHI)

Self Paced
Introduction to Horses (BHI)
Free Course
This course is an introduction to horses, demonstrating basic tasks that you would carry out on a daily basis with a horse. This course can help you to form your decision to enter the wonderful world of horses.

Intro to eLearning Design (BHI)

Do you how to create effective eLearning courses? Are you are teacher/trainer who is moving into the use of digital technologies for delivering all or part of your courses and need to know where to start or what could be involved?

IP Subnetting (BHI)

This short course looks at some of the basics underlying network addressing and subnetting, from converting numbers between binary and decimal, to designing an addressing scheme for a network.