Uncommon Sense Teaching Specialization

The Uncommon Sense Teaching Specialization is a foundational program that prepares you to teach based on leading-edge insights from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and movie-making. Your instructors have real-world experience in teaching some of the world’s most popular courses, and they bring their background from academia and beyond, including perspectives that could be obtained only from decades of teaching at virtually every level, personal experience with neurodiversity, adventure from the Bering Sea to the South Pole Station in Antarctica, and much more. This specialization gives invaluable insight for:
Teachers—K12, higher ed, adult learning, vocational trainers
College students training to be teachers
Professors and others who train teachers how to teach
Industry trainers
Parents, caregivers, and homeschoolers
The Uncommon Sense Teaching Specialization provides a pathway for you to bring your teaching skillset to a higher level by helping you gain the knowledge and skills to level up your career or strengthen your teaching foundation—whoever you might be teaching.

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Uncommon Sense Teaching: Teaching Online (Coursera)

Dec 11th 2023
Uncommon Sense Teaching: Teaching Online (Coursera)
Course Auditing
In Uncommon Sense Teaching: TEACHING ONLINE we’d like to help you to move toward fresh approaches to online teaching that build on the latest insights from scientific research. We’ll use insights from movie-making—not to mention from odd visual tricks in Barb’s kitchen—to see how students learn, both independently and [...]