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Supervised Text Classification for Marketing Analytics (Coursera)

Marketing data often requires categorization or labeling. In today’s age, marketing data can also be very big, or larger than what humans can reasonably tackle. In this course, students learn how to use supervised deep learning to train algorithms to tackle text classification tasks. Students walk through a conceptual [...]

Natural Language Processing: Foundations (edX)

Learn the foundations of how computers understand processing and produce human languages – Natural Language Processing (NLP), a science at the intersection of computer science, artificial intelligence and linguistics.

Text Analytics 1: Introduction to Natural Language Processing (edX)

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Text Analytics 1: Introduction to Natural Language Processing (edX)
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Learn the core techniques of text analytics alongside the cognitive science that makes it all possible. Introduction to Text Analytics with Python is part one of the Text Analytics with Python professional certificate. This first course introduces the core techniques of natural language processing (NLP). But we introduce these [...]