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Political Geography and the Modern World (Coursera)

This course is primarily aimed at first- and second-year undergraduate students interested in international relations and politics, along with other professionals who are motivated to learn about political geography. The course intends to provide an insight into the origin and history of political geography, while also engage with the [...]
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America's Written Constitution (Coursera)

An introduction to the main themes of the American Constitution—popular sovereignty, separation of powers, federalism, and rights.
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Infonomics II: Business Information Management and Measurement (Coursera)

Sep 20th 2021
Infonomics II: Business Information Management and Measurement (Coursera)
Course Auditing
Even decades into the Information Age, accounting practices yet fail to recognize the financial value of information. Moreover, traditional asset management practices fail to recognize information as an asset to be managed with earnest discipline. This has led to a business culture of complacence, and the inability for most [...]
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