Social Inequality

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Health, Society, and Wellness in COVID-19 Times (Coursera)

You may be encountering a world unlike any other generation. The public health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a context of pervasive uncertainty, heightened anxiety, and social isolation that overlaps with a critical time of your own learning and development. The COVID-19 pandemic also has exacerbated long-standing [...]

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Interprofessional Strategies for Prevention and Response (edX)

In this course, learners will be introduced to key concepts, definitions, and theories of IPV from public health, social justice, and legal perspectives. Learners will also receive applied learning opportunities to implement best practices for identifying, screening, and responding to IPV in clinical practice settings, including interprofessional strategies that [...]

COVID-19 & Society: Inequality in Global Pandemics (edX)

What does COVID-19 teach us about ourselves, and about the societies we live in? How can we take care of one another and the planet during this unknown pandemic time? In this innovative and timely course, learn how coronavirus impacted social inequalities, and what we can do about it.

Villes du monde en système (FUN)

Les villes regroupent déjà la moitié de la population mondiale et en concentreront les trois quarts avant la fin de ce siècle. C’est donc là que les sociétés doivent résoudre les problèmes majeurs pour leur durabilité, tant en matière de développement économique, de transition écologique, que d’équité sociale. Une [...]