Resilience for Everyone Specialization

Resilience for Everyone. Do you want to be more resilient? Do you want to handle anything with a positive mindset and be ready to tackle what life throws at you? In this Resilience specialization, learn to manage stress and time, think positively, cultivate a growth mindset and express empathy for yourself and others.
By the end of the specialization, you will be able to:
Identify and solve your stress and time management challenges.
Develop a growth mindset and persistence in the face of challenges.
Develop positive self-talk and mindfulness habits to exercise a more productive, thriving outlook.
Demonstrate empathy while listening to others, leading and reflecting on oneself and one’s actions.

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Grit and Growth Mindset (Coursera)

Mindset is everything. It's said that if you go into something expecting to fail, odds are you'll wind up with a self-fulfilling prophecy. On top of that, you'll always face new problems in your life. A willingness to tackle what life throws at you — along with a mindset [...]

Empathy for Self and Others (Coursera)

Empathy is something people must use every day. Empathy isn't limited to understanding other people; it's also about understanding yourself. An important key to understanding the emotions of others is understanding how you feel those emotions. Emotional intelligence and empathy aren't innate things that are fixed; they're skills that [...]

Managing Stress and Time (Coursera)

Stress is a universal experience. Now more than ever, people are suffering from burnout. They're getting overwhelmed by the stress of life, and wondering where their time went. Managing stress is a skill rarely taught in schools, yet it is one of the most vital skills one can have. [...]

Positive Thinking and Thriving (Coursera)

Staying positive is difficult. Everyone has stress in their life, whether it’s from family, work or school. With all the stress you carry, it can feel difficult to remain optimistic in the face of adversity. Thankfully, positive thinking is a skill that can be learned. Everyone has the capability [...]