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Understanding Nuclear Energy (edX)

Learn the science and technology behind nuclear energy and the special features of this energy source. In this nuclear energy course, we will tackle provocative questions such as: Is nuclear energy a good substitute for fossil fuels to reduce our CO2 emission or not?; Can nuclear reactors operate safely [...]

Introduction to nuclear (POK)

Nuclear processes and measurement for radiation detection. The study of static and dynamic properties of nuclei constitutes a first essential step in the comprehension and exploitation of Nuclear Science. Starting from the experimental evidence of radioactivity, the course will explore: the physical and the random nature of radioactive decay [...]

At the heart of medical radioactivity (FUN)

After a brief introduction on the physical basis of radioactivity, the MOOC "at the heart of medical radioactivity", will present in different stages the interest of medical radioactivity, from the design of a radiopharmaceutical to its use in the patient. The public objective of this MOOC is to demonstrate [...]

Au cœur de la radioactivité médicale (FUN)

L’objectif général de ce MOOC est de replacer les enjeux de l’utilisation de la radioactivité en santé. Il aborde les notions essentielles à savoir sur la radioactivité, sur la production d’isotopes radioactifs et sur les médicaments radiopharmaceutiques. Les applications médicales et les règles élémentaires de radioprotection y sont traitées [...]

Effects of Radiation: An Introduction to Radiation and Radioactivity (edX)

There are many practical applications of radiation and radioactivity in various fields, including medical, scientific, and industrial activities. In some parts of Japan, people continue to experience environmental radioactivity caused by the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on a daily basis. Understanding the basic science [...]