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Apr 13th 2015

How Writers Write Poetry 2015, a seven-week course beginning on March 23, 2015, offers an interactive progression through the principles and practice of writing poetry. The course presents a curated collection of short, intimate talks on craft by two dozen acclaimed poets writing in English. Craft topics include persona, notebooking, the line, the turn, form, and the lyric.

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Sep 10th 2014

The first module of a course surveying 400 years of poetry in America, from the Puritans to the avant-garde poets of this new century.

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Jun 28th 2014

An interactive study of the practice of writing poetry. The course centers on short craft lectures from 22 accomplished poets, including U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Hass, Kwame Dawes, Marvin Bell, Kiki Petrosino, and Kate Greenstreet. Participants will have the opportunity to submit their poems for online workshopping and to join in round-the-clock discussion with fellow poets and enthusiasts around the world.

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