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Apr 10th 2017

The online safety MOOC aims to empower primary and secondary teachers and give them a better understanding of the opportunities, risks and challenges presented to children and young people, and their parents and teachers, in the online world of the 21st century. Teachers will learn about a variety of topics such as media literacy, cyber bullying, online relationships, sexting, online hate speech and radicalization, and will be provided with high-quality resources to address these issues.

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Feb 24th 2015

The complete course ‘MOOC Mediawijsheid’ is about media literacy. Media literacy is a concept which covers a lot of different topics. To make this concept more insightful, we divided the MOOC into 10 smaller courses/themes. These 10 courses cover the following topics: media in society, online identity, online privacy, searching online information, online advertisement/publicity, online safety, media & health, today’s and tomorrow’s developments, what is/isn’t allowed online? and children online. | De volledige cursus ‘MOOC Mediawijsheid’ gaat over het veelomvattende begrip ‘mediawijsheid’. Om dit begrip inzichtelijker te maken, hebben we ervoor gekozen om de MOOC in 10 deelcursussen/thema’s onder te verdelen. De 10 thema’s die binnen deze MOOC behandeld worden zijn de volgende: mediatisering in de samenleving, online identiteit, online privacy, online informatie zoeken, online reclame, veilig online, media & gezondheid, ontwikkelingen van vandaag en morgen, wat mag wel/niet online? en kinderen online.

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