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World of Wine: From Grape to Glass (edX)

Learn about the principles and practices of how grapes are grown and wine is made. Whether you’re a wine novice or a seasoned oenophile, you’ll learn to confidently describe wine appearance, aroma, flavour and taste. Think about your favourite wine. Imagine the brilliance of its colour in the glass, [...]

Vine & Wine (FUN)

Do you really know the path leading from the vine to your glass of wine? This MOOC will initiate you to the scientific and technological bases which define the framework in which wine professionals work, from the vine to the glass. This international online course presents you with 4 [...]

Introduction to Wines (OpenLearning)

Self Paced
Introduction to Wines (OpenLearning)
Free Course
This is a self-paced MOOC and it will cover everything about Wine. In this 14 episodes course, students will learn about plant source, understanding the wine label, food matching and many more.