Nuclear Physics

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Particle Physics: an Introduction (Coursera)

This course introduces you to subatomic physics, i.e. the physics of nuclei and particles. More specifically, the following questions are addressed: What are the concepts of particle physics and how are they implemented?; What are the properties of atomic nuclei and how can one use them?; How does one [...]

Discovering Nuclear Science: energy and beyond (POK)

Where do natural radioactivity come from? What is a radioactive atom? Which are the phases of nuclear fission? How is radioactive pollution monitored? Are nuclear waste managed managed? Talking about “nuclear issues”, many questions arise: this MOOC aims at providing scientific answers. Enroll in the course and unlock the [...]

Introduction to nuclear (POK)

Nuclear processes and measurement for radiation detection. The study of static and dynamic properties of nuclei constitutes a first essential step in the comprehension and exploitation of Nuclear Science. Starting from the experimental evidence of radioactivity, the course will explore: the physical and the random nature of radioactive decay [...]

Fundamentals of Modern Russian-designed NPPs with VVER-1200 (Coursera)

The goal of the course is to present the pressurized water reactor (VVER) technology and the modern design of the Russian Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) – Generation III+ NPP with VVER-1200 reactor. The course describes the features of NPPs with VVER-1200 reactor. In particular, the attention is paid to [...]