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Patient Perspectives on Medications: Qualitative Interviews (Coursera)

This course teaches you how to explore the patient perspective on medicines using qualitative interviews. You will learn how to design, conduct and analyse data in a small interview study. The course is related to the course Understanding Patient Perspectives on Medications, but each course can be taken [...]
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The Science of Medicines (FutureLearn)

Learn the science behind how and why medicines work, and what can improve patient's treatment, with this online course. What do you know about the medicines you take? The world’s growing population faces major health issues, and medicines are a primary pillar to effect better health. Learn about the [...]
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Medicine Administration for Carers (FutureLearn)

Oct 5th 2020
Medicine Administration for Carers (FutureLearn)
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Learn about the 6 'R's of medicine administration (including medicine administration routes) and understand related legislation. Understand the key principles of medicine administration. On this course you will learn about the underlying principles and procedures of medicine administration.
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