Leading Community Based Projects in A Virtual World Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- How to describe community and culture.
- How to identify community stakeholders.
- How to define issues and problems.
- How to develop solution path.
- How to execute and monitor virtual projects.

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Leadership in a Virtual World (edX)

Learn project management and team communication in a virtual world. This course introduces the use of project management tools available in a virtual space to manage team communication within a virtual network. This course also introduces learners to the virtual world of community organizations available to support community based [...]

Defining Virtual Community Projects for Dynamic Change (edX)

Learn the tools necessary for defining virtual community projects and how to share the project to gain buy-in, in a virtual setting. You can’t find a solution until you have a clear idea of what the problem is. Problems come in many different forms, but most community projects are [...]

Fostering Virtual World Community Conversations (edX)

Design thinking provides “social technologies” to channel conversations into more productive areas and provides structures to make for a safe environment for individuals involved in the problem-solving venture. Finding higher-order solutions is the key to buy-in and community-centered solutions through conversations that start at the grass root level, bringing [...]