Korean Economic Develoment

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Understanding Korean Politics (Coursera)

This course will select six most outstanding issues in contemporary Korean politics and will engage in an in-depth, interactive inquiry of those issue. They include Korean politics in history, institutional setting of Korean politics, and dynamics of political culture in Korea, profiles of political leadership, myth and reality of [...]

The Korean Economic Development (Coursera)

You will review the evolution of the Korean economy decade by decade since Korea’s independence from Japan in 1945. Major policies of each decade will be explained and their effect on the Korean economy will be analyzed. Also, the backgrounds and limitations of important policies will be scrutinized. [...]

The Korean Story: Secrets of an Economic Miracle (edX)

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The Korean Story: Secrets of an Economic Miracle (edX)
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What can the world learn from the Korean development story? The Korean Story discusses the socio-political and historical context that has shaped the economic growth of South Korea. It probes into how South Korea, post the Second World War, was able to transform its economy within three decades to [...]