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[email protected]: Advanced Interview Skills (edX)

Tell your story so well interviewers can’t ignore you! Once you have successfully grasped the foundation of interview success by completing our [email protected]: Basic Job Interview Skills course, how you persuade others to believe that you are as good as you say you are is now the challenge.

[email protected]: Basic Interview Skills (edX)

Build a solid foundation to succeed in job interviews and get that ultimate call. Based on advice from accomplished professionals in the business, HR and academic field, we have created a course that helps you build a solid foundation to succeed in job interviews and get that ultimate call.

Front-End Interview Prep (Udacity)

Confidently take on the tech interview. This course takes you through a mock interview, and offers detailed analysis on how to field key industry questions. Your will review common Front-End Web Developer interview topics ranging from palindrome functions to closures, and learn best practices for behavioral questions and whiteboard [...]

Machine Learning Interview Preparation (Udacity)

Prove your qualifications in your machine learning interviews. In this course, you’ll learn exactly what to expect during a machine learning interview. You’ll cover all the common questions and technical strategies, and review a range of important topics, from machine learning algorithms to image categorization. You’ll also learn best [...]

How to Get A Graduate Job (FutureLearn)

Sep 21st 2020
How to Get A Graduate Job (FutureLearn)
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Make your graduate job search easier and land the graduate job you want with help from the UK's leading graduate coaching company. Understand the graduate recruitment process and prepare for the world of work. As a graduate, deciding which career path to choose, learning how to write a professional [...]
Sep 21st 2020
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