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Teaching Impacts of Technology: Relationships (Coursera)

Aug 17th 2022
Teaching Impacts of Technology: Relationships (Coursera)
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In this course you’ll focus on how “smart” devices have changed how we interact with others in personal ways, impacting how we stay connected in our increasingly mobile society. This will be done through a series of paired teaching sections, exploring a specific “Impact of Computing” in your typical [...]

Preparing for Graduate Study in the U.S.: A course for international students (Coursera)

This course prepares you to embark upon your future graduate studies in the U.S. with confidence. In this MOOC, you'll have the opportunity to meet other prospective graduate students, hear from experienced international graduate students in the United States, and to practice sharing your own thoughts, stories, and expertise [...]

Sound and Sonification Design for Interactive Learning Tools (Coursera)

Designing sound representations of information can be a complex, but necessary part of engaging students and making material accessible to a larger group of learners. While advances in these tools (e.g., interactive simulations) have made many freely available to millions of STEM students and classrooms around the world, their [...]

Clase interactivas y dinámicas en Classroom (Coursera)

Al final del Proyecto podrás crear clases dinámicas e interactivas, que por medio de aulas virtuales, te ayudarán a organizar los contenidos de la clase y fomentar el interés y la motivación los estudiantes, des este modo los estudiantes podrán observar los temas y subtemas organizados cronológicamente de las [...]

Diseño y Desarrollo de Recursos Multimedia para la Enseñanza Virtual (edX)

Crea de una forma sencilla y fácil tus propios recursos de aprendizaje multimedia e interactivos para una enseñanza virtual exitosa. El curso está enfocado para que identifiques las principales características, utilidades y ventajas de los diferentes tipos de recursos multimedia que puedes construir para complementar o generar conocimiento; utilizarás [...]