Human Development

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After the Arab Spring – Democratic Aspirations and State Failure (Coursera)

Learn why the hope and excitement of the Arab Spring is gone, why so many Arab states are falling apart, why the youth are so frustrated, why there are so many refugees, and what can be done about it. The so-called Arab Spring appeared to end decades of exceptionalism [...]

Learning, Knowledge, and Human Development (Coursera)

This course sets out to provide an understanding of theories of learning and development and how these theories relate to educational technology. It has two components. The first is theoretical, in which we attempt to develop an overall frame of reference, locating approaches to the psychology of learning in [...]

Cultural Psychology (

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Cultural Psychology (
Free Course
Cultural Psychology reviews the cultural, community, and ecological factors that play a role in how people perceive their environment. It is the integration of the nature and nurture phenomenas, whereby an individual’s psyche is determined, or at least influenced, by both that individual’s culture and those other cultures [...]