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The Water Cycle (Coursera)

May 20th 2024
The Water Cycle (Coursera)
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In this course, spread over ten modules, participants will learn about: the water cycle; hydrology; groundwater models; human impacts on freshwater ecosystems; water governance; water law; the economics of water infrastructure and scenario planning and municipal water.
May 20th 2024
Course Auditing
46.00 EUR/month

Natural Attenuation of Groundwater Contaminants: New Paradigms, Technologies, and Applications (Coursera)

Cleaning up the large number of groundwater contamination sites is a significant and complex environmental challenge. The environmental industry is continuously looking for remediation methods that are both effective and cost-efficient. Over the past 10 years there have been amazing, important developments in our understanding of key attenuation [...]

Nitrogen Pollution - Threats to Tropical Coral Coasts (edX)

This course explores how nitrogen interacts with the marine environment and the associated threats of nitrogen pollution caused by human activity, using tropical coral reefs and seagrasses as model ecosystems.

Groundwater Contamination (edX)

The Earth is blue for its oceans and green for its groundwater. Access to clean freshwater is essential yet human activities deteriorate water quality. This unit describes contaminant transport in aquifers. Groundwater is the water beneath the ground surface. It is a vast freshwater reservoir often overlooked because invisible, [...]

Wells Hydraulics (edX)

The Earth is blue for its oceans but green for its groundwater. We use wells to extract water from the ground. In this course we address questions such as: how well tests tell us if an aquifer can provide enough water? how can we use wells to dewater construction sites?

Groundwater Cycle (edX)

The Earth is blue for its oceans but green for the blankets of groundwater under our feet. This course explores the water cycle from under the ground. How much groundwater do we use and what for? How much do the trees? How do we model water fluxes? This course [...]