Environmental Management for Sustainability Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- You will create your personal philosophy for advising policy-makers, business leaders, and other environmental stakeholders on issues related to environmental management and sustainability.
- How to use case-study analyses to develop effective recommendations for best-practice environmental policy.
- How to communicate scientific findings that are accessible and compelling to all target audiences.
- How to develop comprehensive socio-environmental report cards that explain complicated systems in a format geared toward action.

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The Science Advisory Toolbox for Environmental Management (edX)

Develop your own science and management strategy while viewing the environment through a multicultural lens. Learn how science advocacy can drive effective environmental and sustainability decision-making.
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Storytelling with Data using Socio-environmental Report Cards (edX)

Socio-environmental report cards have proven to be THE tool to effect positive change. Join us as we explore proven techniques to synthesize data, engage the local community, inform decision-making, and drive policy for any environmental or sustainability challenge.
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