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Salesforce Reporting (Coursera)

Apr 15th 2024
Salesforce Reporting (Coursera)
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Salesforce Reporting focuses on how the micro-level changes in Salesforce affect the macro level of the user experience. In this course, you will focus on creating custom objects, field dependencies, and work flows to track accounts or services. It is also important that you maintain data clean for your [...]

Search Engines for Web and Enterprise Data (Coursera)

This course introduces the technologies behind web and search engines, including document indexing, searching and ranking. You will also learn different performance metrics for evaluating search quality, methods for understanding user intent and document semantics, and advanced applications including recommendation systems and summarization. Real-life examples and case studies are [...]

SAP HANA Data Management Suite - Strategy Talk (openSAP)

Join this free openSAP course to get an initial introduction to SAP HANA Data Management Suite, which was announced at SAPPHIRE NOW in June 2018. As organizations ready themselves to master the digital economy, a powerful data management framework is crucial for maintaining the highly secure and agile environment [...]