Energy Transition

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Mining and Materials for Sustainable Development Transformations (edX)

Learn about the role of mining and materials at the heart of the transformations needed to achieve climate change objectives, a just energy transition, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Solar Energy 1 (edX)

Learn about the leading role of solar energy in rural electrification and climate change mitigation. Introduce yourself to the physical principle of the photovoltaic energy conversion of solar cells. In this first course in the program Solar Energy you will be introduced to the technology that converts solar energy [...]

Business Implications of Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems (edX)

Learn how digital technologies help with the energy transition and then how to use this to develop future potential business models in various energy and energy-dependent sectors. This course focuses on the emerging digitalization-based business models in the energy systems field. You will study how digital technologies can aid [...]

Measuring the impact of the Energy Transition (POK)

The Industrial Ecology approach for assessing the Sustainability of the Energy Transition. The aim of this MOOC is to provide a holistic but quantitative and multi-dimensional perspective on the energy transition underway today. Especially when dealing with cross sectoral linkages and circular economy, the instruments made available by the [...]

Gender Equality in the Clean Energy Transition (POK)

How increasing the representation of women in the clean energy sector can be a catalyst for innovation and ultimately lead to a more effective energy transition. This course in a nutshell. Females are significantly underrepresented in the energy sector: gain a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities for [...]

Pre-University Chemistry (edX)

Jul 3rd 2023
Pre-University Chemistry (edX)
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Prepare for university by reviewing the science and technology of chemistry. Become familiar with the way chemistry and chemistry-related topics are taught at university level. Chemistry is the fundamental discipline that helps us explain properties, structure, and behavior of matter. A solid foundation in chemistry is of importance in [...]

Electric Cars: Introduction (edX)

Get a basic understanding of electric cars and learn about leading technologies, development of profitable business models and effective policies. Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Electric mobility has become an essential part of the energy transition, and will imply significant changes for vehicle manufacturers, governments, companies and [...]

Analítica avanzada y seguridad cibernética (edX)

La digitalización del sector energético brinda una gran oportunidad para alcanzar una matriz energética diversificada y sostenible. Sin embargo existen grandes retos por delante, los cuales pueden ser superados gracias a los avances en los sistemas de analítica avanzada. Por otra parte, la digitalización del sector energético requiere la [...]

El rol de la digitalización en la transición energética (edX)

En este curso aprenderás los fundamentos de la digitalización en el sector energético, partiendo de la problemática energética global y la necesidad de un modelo más sustentable hasta llegar a entender las principales tecnologías involucradas.

Modelling the Energy Transition: the revolution of open-source software (POK)

Deep dive on the energy modelling world to discover available open-source software for the analysis of the current and future Energy Transition. The MOOC aims at providing the attendants with the fundamental knowledge of the main challenges that characterize the Energy Transition at both Global and Regional level, and [...]