Energy Efficiency

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Energy Services (IST)

This course introduces the concept of energy services and presents the modeling principles to design sustainable energy systems. The course will occur through a self-paced methodology, which means that will be open for a longer period and all the materials and evaluation are already available. Since there are [...]
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New Energy Technologies: Energy Transition and Sustainable Development (FutureLearn)

Explore the development of new energy technologies and discover key energy challenges with this online course. In a world facing pressing energy challenges, the need for alternative energy and new energy technologies has never been more pressing. This course explores the new and upcoming technologies that may help solve [...]
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Energy Supply Systems for Buildings (edX)

Discover how to convert natural resources into heat, cold and electricity, what the capabilities of renewable systems are, how to match energy supply with buildings’ energy demand, and what that means for energy efficiency and carbon emissions. In this course, you will discover the supply side of buildings’ energy [...]
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Introduction to Sustainable Construction / Introducción a la Construcción Sostenible (Miríada X)

The Concept Sustainable Construction is essential for the economic growth of the nations. This course helps to easily understand the main elements that compose Sustainable Construction, complementing, adapting and modifying many of the basic elements of the traditional construction.*** El desarrollo del concepto de Construcción Sostenible es de vital [...]
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Computer System Design: Improving Energy Efficiency and Performance (edX)

Learn the elements of computer design needed for programmers to make the most of computers’ speed and to write energy-effective programs. In this computer science course, you will learn the basic foundations underpinning the design of modern multicore-based computers. In addition, you will learn how design decisions affect how [...]
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Housing Design: from Concept to Fabrication (Canvas net)

May 16th 2016
 Housing Design: from Concept to Fabrication (Canvas net)
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Building a house has evolved over centuries from providing rudimentary shelter, through increasing personalisation, to the sophisticated multifunctional buildings of today. These building can be designed to minimise visual impact on the environment and on global resources, in both their construction and day-to-day running. In the dark days of [...]
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