Renewable Resources

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Wind resources for renewable energies (Coursera)

The main goal of this course is to get the necessary knowledge on atmospheric and fluid dynamics in order to quantify the wind resource of a local or regional area. We’ll learn about basic meteorology, the specific dynamics of turbulent boundary layers and some standard techniques to estimate wind [...]

Politics and Economics of International Energy (Coursera)

Energy issues have always been important in international relations, but in recent years may have become even more important than in the past due to the widespread awareness of existing limits to energy sources and negative climate impacts. The course discusses global trends in energy consumption and production, various [...]

Energy Supply Systems for Buildings (edX)

Discover how to convert natural resources into heat, cold and electricity, what the capabilities of renewable systems are, how to match energy supply with buildings’ energy demand, and what that means for energy efficiency and carbon emissions. In this course, you will discover the supply side of buildings’ energy [...]

Bioeconomy: How Renewable Resources Can Help the Future of Our Planet (FutureLearn)

Explore the sustainable technologies, strategies, and careers helping the world transition to a biobased economy. Investigate how you can utilise renewable resources. With a predicted global population of nine billion people in 2050, a well-documented climate crisis, and a global food waste problem, the world needs to [...]

Battery Storage: Understanding the Battery Revolution (FutureLearn)

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Battery Storage: Understanding the Battery Revolution (FutureLearn)
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Learn about the importance of energy storage and understand the role of batteries and battery technology. Learn about the importance of energy storage. What is energy storage, and why is it so important? On this course, you will learn about the most promising energy storage technologies, such as batteries, [...]
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