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Digital Fashion Industry (Coursera)

Digital Fashion Industry is a collaboration between Parsons School of Design at The New School and The Digital Fashion Group Academy. This course explains how digital technologies have the potential to dramatically impact and positively improve the fashion industry by creating a more sustainable digital ecosystem. [...]

Introduction to Digital Transformation Part 1 (Coursera)

This course was designed to introduce the key components of digital transformation so you can understand the drivers and economics of innovation and technological change to create competitive advantage in your own industry. You'll learn the business value of data and how the exponential growth in core technologies such [...]

Geographical Information Systems - Part 1 (Coursera)

This course is organized into two parts presenting the theoretical and practical foundations of geographic information systems (GIS). Together theses courses constitute an introduction to GIS and require no prior knowledge. By following this introduction to GIS you will quickly acquire the basic knowledge required to create spatial databases [...]

Digitizing Higher Education (edX)

Explore the impact of digitization on how universities and colleges function administratively and academically. Globally, higher education institutions are grappling with the effects of an increasingly digital world. This course provides an overview of how digitization impacts the economics, administration, academics, and research practices of universities and colleges. Higher [...]