Design Method

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Leveraging Design Methods to Identify Business Opportunities (Coursera)

This exciting online course helps you understand design methods and how to use them to identify business opportunities. It starts by focusing on the importance of design in a changing world by examining VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) and the 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity). It [...]

Digital Systems: From Logic Gates to Processors (Coursera)

This course gives you a complete insight into the modern design of digital systems fundamentals from an eminently practical point of view. Unlike other more "classic" digital circuits courses, our interest focuses more on the system than on the electronics that support it. This approach will allow us to [...]

Co-creation for policymakers: an introductory course (POK)

How could we create better policies that are more relevant to the needs of citizens and society? This course will explore the concept and application of co-creation and design methodologies in the context of policy design.